Mother Willow

Mother Willow my heart, my tree. My despair, my self-hate, my worthlessness, take from me.   Mother Willow your long branches wrap me, My hope, my self-love, my purpose, help me to see.   Like a mother I can only remember, calming, soothing, swaying, holding.   You wipe my tears and give me rest. You […]

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Full circle

Into the candle I burn, drawing out the flame. Mirthless heart on fire; I move towards the blaze. Ashes upon my bones; Spirit in the embers.   I peer out the crystal window, reflection of my soul. Frost covered and cold; I lay barren. Snow upon my bones; Spirit in the ice.   As the […]

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Snow (II)

Out my window the snowflakes dance. From my tower I watch them fleet, float, fly – on the frosty back of the Western Wind. Their mistress is fickle and cold, not caring where they blow. Chaos; wonderful, unchecked, to the ground below. My mistress is too, as frigid; but I am frozen, slowed. Left to […]

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