Summer 1988

The whining July heat,

Warm and dry.

The insects hum louder at noon.

Stay quiet and you can hear an echo from the past.

Pavement cooks, but the green gross rolls,

cooling and inviting between toes.

Keep going, listen harder.

Eyes closed. It’s there.

A memory. A thought. A feeling.


All at once. Let it take you away, and remember….

Bright sun so hot in the sky,

bikes that were swift as horses,

laughter of childhood friends.

Adventure awaits, but first, smell the honeysuckle and the marigolds,

Only stopping for lunch.

…..or maybe it starts in the water

cool and chlorinated, deep and shady too.

Break to sit on a towel,

spend your 50 cents on a treat.

Home again, after a long day swimming,

sitting on the stoop, basking in the evening sun,

and waiting for dinner.

Maybe there will be corn to shuck,

or burgers to fry. Don’t forget the onions.

The visions whisper their return, if you listen closely.

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