A path

A path is not always straight, and never quite clear. My footprints leave marks in the soft earth, but with no guide, where shall I tread? My tracks split off along the way, wet, fresh, and unsure. Some trail quickly, others reluctantly, back to my life’s muddled road. Some, go ever on their way, still […]

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The Start of Winter, and a Loss

My beloved cat of 7 years, Frodo, had to leave this world on December 18, 2015, only a few days before the Winter Solstice.  She was very sick with cancer and had fought bravely for 6 months.  She didn’t want to fight anymore, she decided she wanted to rest instead.  We helped her leave this world peacefully and […]

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I find myself longing for crisp autumn days and chilly fall nights no matter what part of the seasonal calendar I happen to find myself in, and when it finally gets here, I relish each day (and evening, and night).  I find it inspiring weather to write with (and about), as it truly is Nature’s last show before […]

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Crows silently fly past the dawn – lit moon. Hanging in the purple, grey, pinkish sky. Clouds of breath disperse into the ice air. Wind blows hard a moment, quiet still the next.   A chill passes, a memory recall’d, The time before beginning, tis the wall. This starts Forever, and eternity Awaits. Pay no […]

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the jewelweeds blow in the hazy, hanging air – otherwise the verdant scene is still. the slow drips of the earlier drenching rain off my gutter; plants intact. it smells of a damp, warm, old and familiar place that only I can remember – stone stairs lead me there. there the summers flew by – […]

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