Sun and Sea

The beach caught rays

of the Mediterranean sun

which made the sand glisten

just like the bodies that crowded

the sands of that small coastal town

A short walk down from the hills

and I saw the water– blue, and storied

and supremely ancient

It mattered not to Her that I was there

safe on the sands, no boat for me

So I sat there with my towel to read

all about this foreign country

and how it looks through

a traveler’s eyes

La tesis* it was for me

it was given to me by a Spaniard

and I only looked up a few words

as well as a few times at birds or laughter or just

to watch people walk by

The sea was so cold, it was just April,

but it felt right, and the sand was warm, and I

was in the southern part of Spain.

And that was just fine.

La tesis de Nancy by Ramon J. Sender (Highly recommend it whether you read it in Spanish or English.)

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