Just Passing By

As Halloween/Samhain approaches, I always try to take more walks in cemeteries when I can. They are so incredibly peaceful and quiet. It’s cathartic for me since I can clear my head, relax a little, and do some serious contemplation. The wind rustling the leaves of the trees, the crunch of pebbles (or leaves) under my feet, and the serenity that comes with being present, and grateful, are why I am drawn to them–especially at this time of the year. Remembering loved ones who have passed on, and dealing with your own mortality, I ask, what better place than a cemetery in autumn?

Sometimes you just need to take a step back.

A walk in the cemetery should cure

you of regrets


and frustration.

View the stones, and take in the presence

of the trees.

More like guardians.

Arguments and pettiness disappear into

united forever

never to be apart

forever at peace

and husband + wife.

Time is short here, take the tombs’ advice

enjoy this time

enjoy this place

enjoy these people.

Now, and you’ll forever be at peace.

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