Early Morning

Soft rain taps on the window I hear you sigh. The cool sheets feel exquisite against my skin, Just like your touch. Moments that pass this way are, so few, but infinitely divine. The low rumble of thunder, and I awake alone. The chords of a piano echo in the muted room, and the dream […]

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End of the old year

Or is it auld year? As 2018 draws to a close, I’ve found myself with some extra time, the one thing that I could not find enough of just a month ago. I want to find the time to write more, but first some means of employment must make itself known. (I know this is […]

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Very Real

My demons drip down greened fangs, tarnished with time; that grip and strangle old dreams, that slowly die. They feast on my wants, on what my soul craves; They devour my being and destroy my flame; Incessant, they linger, they lurk in my thoughts, they prowl on the edge of awareness, and clamor with the […]

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Claddaghduff, Ireland

The next stop on our tour of  the west of Ireland took us a bit further north into the Clifden area. It took us about an hour from Galway, and it was well worth the trip. Again we had amazing weather and the sky was clear blue, the air light and breezy. This is in […]

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Galway, Ireland (Gaillimhe)

I recently returned to my little part of Pennsylvania from a 2 week excursion abroad.  I visited Ireland again, and each time I return to that beautiful country, I vow to come back.  My previous visit was all the way back in 2003, as a young, bright-eyed college student, who visited Dublin and Co. Meath […]

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Just me

Those small feelings, they surface quietly. Aloneness, but not loneliness. I make my way to the house and sip on some tea. Perhaps play something baroque, just audibly. There’s never anyone else but me. Can anything truly be shared? I walk thru the woods, speak to the plants and trees. This is me. Just me.

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