End of the old year

Or is it auld year? As 2018 draws to a close, I’ve found myself with some extra time, the one thing that I could not find enough of just a month ago. I want to find the time to write more, but first some means of employment must make itself known. (I know this is […]

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Very Real

My demons drip down greened fangs, tarnished with time; that grip and strangle old dreams, that slowly die. They feast on my wants, on what my soul craves; They devour my being and destroy my flame; Incessant, they linger, they lurk in my thoughts, they prowl on the edge of awareness, and clamor with the […]

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Just me

Those small feelings, they surface quietly. Aloneness, but not loneliness. I make my way to the house and sip on some tea. Perhaps play something baroque, just audibly. There’s never anyone else but me. Can anything truly be shared? I walk thru the woods, speak to the plants and trees. This is me. Just me.

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Aware of me

My breath, makes me aware, allows my mind to speak from the deep. It rouses my soul, stirs my heart. Connecting my fibers from this world, to That. In and out, up and down. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Ah. The gathering presence swirls within me, amongst me, through me. My heartbeat and soul are connected at […]

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Returning with the Spring

I have been away from my writing space for ages! Alas, it seems everyone struggles with time management at some point in their life, and for the past year or so, that was me! I do have a reasonable excuse though, as I was taking an online course to get my diploma in copywriting, which […]

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