The heavy, wet drops fall. (upon my soul) I peer into my abyss below. (the weight of your gaze) Shadow or light, there is no difference here. (leaves me pining for more) Into the deep, further and further I go. (to remove my bareness) To where the grey mist bellows, (to complete my design) And […]

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Mother Willow

Mother Willow my heart, my tree. My despair, my self-hate, my worthlessness, take from me.   Mother Willow your long branches wrap me, My hope, my self-love, my purpose, help me to see.   Like a mother I can only remember, calming, soothing, swaying, holding.   You wipe my tears and give me rest. You […]

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Snow (I)

Snowflakes swirl, bounce and drift. Falling, full of Grace, Serenity, and Bliss. Endless circles, written in columns of air. Building, one flake at a time, a blanket below. Full of Peace they float, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Their landing, a quiet mantra.

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