Snow (V)

Author’s note: I know, I write a lot about snow! I don’t know what it is about seeing the snowflakes blow in the winter air that just makes me get all poetic. It just seems so natural, something that nature has done forever, and I’m kind of in awe of it. Same re: rain! Snow […]

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Snow (II)

Out my window the snowflakes dance. From my tower I watch them fleet, float, fly – on the frosty back of the Western Wind. Their mistress is fickle and cold, not caring where they blow. Chaos; wonderful, unchecked, to the ground below. My mistress is too, as frigid; but I am frozen, slowed. Left to […]

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The Start of Winter, and a Loss

My beloved cat of 7 years, Frodo, had to leave this world on December 18, 2015, only a few days before the Winter Solstice.  She was very sick with cancer and had fought bravely for 6 months.  She didn’t want to fight anymore, she decided she wanted to rest instead.  We helped her leave this world peacefully and […]

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