New Eyes

Bell liked trees. She liked how they breathed. They didn’t have lungs like her, or eyes for that matter. But she knew; they saw everything. Trees have different eyes, eyes that you can feel. You can hear them too. When leaves rustle or branches groan. The trees are seeing. They saw her running first, and […]

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May 1st

When I woke up this morning, the bright light was already streaming through my window.  It was May 1st alright, and about time that spring had arrived in my part of the world.  April was a lot colder than it usually is, and you could tell as much by the slow, slow budding of trees […]

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More writing and more poems

I’ve been away again for ages, however, I have been busy!  I have a couple of new poems to add to the pages, as well as some writings.  I’ve been kicking around a couple of short stories in my head for ages now, but I just never seem to finish them! I’ve also been thinking […]

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