Claddaghduff, Ireland

The next stop on our tour of  the west of Ireland took us a bit further north into the Clifden area. It took us about an hour from Galway, and it was well worth the trip. Again we had amazing weather and the sky was clear blue, the air light and breezy. This is in the heart of Connemara, the beautiful wilds of the West, and where my ancestors are from.  My family happens to have some friends that live near Omey Island in Claddaghduff, right on the sea. Omey Island is an interesting little place, as it is a “tidal island,” meaning access to it (by foot/car) is cut off once the tide comes in. Talk about Nature’s power over us humans!

Full of historical ruins, the island has early Christian, medieval and even Famine-era relics and structures. We lingered too long at our friends’ magnificent lunch spread (and poitin!) and had to race out to get a few pictures before the tide came round, about 3pm. I would love to visit it again and get some good pictures, maybe on a damp, misty day?You can see in the picture below the water on each side of the cars! Don’t get stranded on the island alone, who knows what ancient ghosts walk those paths…

Beat the tide!
No time to get closer, but those are tombstones in the distance

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