Roaring Through the Trees

Our Halloween was something right out of a Gothic novel– the skies were grey, the wind was whipping the trees, and the eerie clouds moved much faster than normal. As I was waiting for almost no trick-or-treaters to arrive, I noticed that the wind blowing the trees sounded so much like ocean waves to me. It was consistently windy for the 1.5 hours I was outside, so I really noticed the effect of how waves never cease to crash.

The sound of movement, constant, circular, back and forth it goes.

The wind roars through the trees on Halloween night.

The branches and leaves, rustle, shake, and drop.

I hear the wind as it arrives to encircle the trees above the house,

just outside my window.

The ebb and flow, like rolling of waves in the sea.

Back and forth, rocking the trees to sleep,

like breakers to a boat.

The wind waves are rough this evening, but they will be gone by morning.

Til then I drift to sleep with their soothing lullaby.

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