Wish You Weren’t Here

Many of use are getting by in social isolation and trying to stay strong thru the strange times of COVID-19. And I, like so many others, have turned to art as form of expression–to express feelings that somehow, there really are no words for. The other day I heard Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” on the radio and almost burst to tears as the lyrics moved me so. That is where this little seedling sprung from.

Wish you weren’t here, my friend.
Wish you were far away from all this.
I try to touch you,
but I only smudge my screen.

Days drift into nights, and I take solace in walks and the slow burst of growth.
I note how nature does not stop her
spring show–
all bright, just like the year before.
They seem to say, stop, and recall,
life goes on.

But can it be the same?

Wish you weren’t here my friend. Wish you didn’t feel longing,
and a unique loss of control.

Alas, have hope.

Life will return, just as each year the flowers still bloom
in the April snow.

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