Moving On

I recently got news of the sudden death of a friend’s mother. I had only known her briefly, but she was so full of life, and a very welcoming person. The kind of person you feel you’ve known all your life. Due to social isolation, there can be no viewing or hugs to give. Cards and texts have to suffice. I felt compelled to just put together a small notice of the pain we all feel when someone suddenly departs, but how that we are the people we are because of those who have stood by us and loved us. They leave little parts of themselves in us.

Each day moves, and we float along with it.

We travel forward, onward, only because of


who were there behind us, beside us.

When someone close leaves us alone on our path,

there is an empty, sorrowful sentiment that remains.

But remember that you are a vessel, brimming with ways they

helped you,

find you.

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