Day to Night

I love the start of spring for all its color and all is noise. The birds seem to welcome the morning sun and say good bye to it each lengthening night. Sitting near my window, I like to hear them as the evening slowly turns to night. Although we’re into the summer season now, I felt this belonged here.

It’s 7pm and the slow creep of night starts in the newborn Spring sky.

The circadian clock of birds signals that it’s time to farewell
the day and welcome the still of dark.

first the robins, grabbing their last bites, all flutter and chirps, then
cardinals serenading the end of day with a warbly kiss. You might
hear the chippy song of a sparrow, on the bending bow of the oak tree. but only
briefly. watch the ferns by the fence post to glimpse the silent stare of the rabbit.
slowly the noises quiet, until they disappear.

The soft, lavender-blue hues of twilight spread across the sky with
stars–which arrive without noise, without song.
small, bright, intangible, and unknowable–yet welcoming
this constant, unending, change from day into night.

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