The Bay

Seeing Galway Bay in the sun is like no other–the water shines, the waves roar, and the endless sea calls me.

Full moon, rising above the quiet bay

My heart races, in my chest beating


Here is home.

Keep walking, for tomorrow, we’ll soar.

Before you fly, learn to drive

Around the bay and burrow in the sand

Of a little beach inlet, below the crumbled grey stone where

Bright flowers cling to the side, to prevent a drop below.

The wind whips my hair, do we fly today?

We do.

With open arms and stinging faces we greet the Atlantic

In all its tempestuous might.

Always grey, it is, and cold. 

Whether in Virginia

Or Galway Bay.

Like skiffs in flight, birds join us, as we laugh and splash, find shells to take home.

The sun begins to dip but the calls of the shells echoes,

Ancient, quiet, slow.

Stop to smell the salt, close your eyes to taste a memory.

The seascape dims with the waning light,

And the shore afar begins to darken.

Small lights blur and twinkle.

We have landed, tired, and a little sore

To home now, full of stories and beaming

For more.

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