Early Morning

Soft rain taps on the window I hear you sigh. The cool sheets feel exquisite against my skin, Just like your touch. Moments that pass this way are, so few, but infinitely divine. The low rumble of thunder, and I awake alone. The chords of a piano echo in the muted room, and the dream […]

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Dim Light

The hazy glow of pink on the horizon, the dim light streaks through the evening-tinted windows. The cold, white snow reflects the gaze of the rising, old, moon. Warmth, from the fire, cannot touch my pallid skin. I will wait. Eternity is not long at all.  

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Snow (V)

Author’s note: I know, I write a lot about snow! I don’t know what it is about seeing the snowflakes blow in the winter air that just makes me get all poetic. It just seems so natural, something that nature has done forever, and I’m kind of in awe of it. Same re: rain! Snow […]

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Very Real

My demons drip down greened fangs, tarnished with time; that grip and strangle old dreams, that slowly die. They feast on my wants, on what my soul craves; They devour my being and destroy my flame; Incessant, they linger, they lurk in my thoughts, they prowl on the edge of awareness, and clamor with the […]

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Autumnal Equinox (September)

The cool, morning mists betray the approaching heat of day. The light fades as the dark gains; Time. Cut in half, the cycle goes; inwards, to the darkness. The trees start their show, the flowers begin to close, slowly and wait. The world holds its breath, hushed; anticipates an ending, not quite final.

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