Autumnal Equinox (September)

The cool, morning mists betray the approaching heat of day. The light fades as the dark gains; Time. Cut in half, the cycle goes; inwards, to the darkness. The trees start their show, the flowers begin to close, slowly and wait. The world holds its breath, hushed; anticipates an ending, not quite final.

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The Hums of August

Slow, droning, chatter. Mixes, stews, Bursts. Hot and full, the heat oppresses. The greenery, shriveled, wait for warm rain. The night brings other sounds; gentle, familiar. The sadness of summer passing; a lament in symphony.    

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Just me

Those small feelings, they surface quietly. Aloneness, but not loneliness. I make my way to the house and sip on some tea. Perhaps play something baroque, just audibly. There’s never anyone else but me. Can anything truly be shared? I walk thru the woods, speak to the plants and trees. This is me. Just me.

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The oak’s bare limbs scatter the early Spring light onto tender greens. The lichen observes the rabbit, and waits. And the trees listen. The last chilly breeze means nothing to the wing of the robin. Poised, she sings.  

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The heavy, wet drops fall. (upon my soul) I peer into my abyss below. (the weight of your gaze) Shadow or light, there is no difference here. (leaves me pining for more) Into the deep, further and further I go. (to remove my bareness) To where the grey mist bellows, (to complete my design) And […]

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Mother Willow

Mother Willow my heart, my tree. My despair, my self-hate, my worthlessness, take from me.   Mother Willow your long branches wrap me, My hope, my self-love, my purpose, help me to see.   Like a mother I can only remember, calming, soothing, swaying, holding.   You wipe my tears and give me rest. You […]

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Full circle

Into the candle I burn, drawing out the flame. Mirthless heart on fire; I move towards the blaze. Ashes upon my bones; Spirit in the embers.   I peer out the crystal window, reflection of my soul. Frost covered and cold; I lay barren. Snow upon my bones; Spirit in the ice.   As the […]

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Snow (II)

Out my window the snowflakes dance. From my tower I watch them fleet, float, fly – on the frosty back of the Western Wind. Their mistress is fickle and cold, not caring where they blow. Chaos; wonderful, unchecked, to the ground below. My mistress is too, as frigid; but I am frozen, slowed. Left to […]

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Aware of me

My breath, makes me aware, allows my mind to speak from the deep. It rouses my soul, stirs my heart. Connecting my fibers from this world, to That. In and out, up and down. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Ah. The gathering presence swirls within me, amongst me, through me. My heartbeat and soul are connected at […]

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Snow (I)

Snowflakes swirl, bounce and drift. Falling, full of Grace, Serenity, and Bliss. Endless circles, written in columns of air. Building, one flake at a time, a blanket below. Full of Peace they float, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Their landing, a quiet mantra.

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