Fairy Morning

My shady garden is one of my favorite places to sit, daydream, observe, and even get some work done– last week I was thinking about May Day and how all the plants just seemed to perk up after May 1. Now the garden is filling out nicely– and will remain so pretty until the Autumn. I wanted to write something light, so excuse the childish nature of this ditty– although I think the fae would approve.

As the sun sets on the eve of May Day,
the garden is in hushed , the tree boughs slowly sway.

The violets perk up, and the fern fiddles too,
eagerly they wait for next morning’s fresh dew.

As the song birds trill and chirp their last,
there is a stillness not seen seen since May the past.

For tonight they’re ready for an enchanting show,
it’s time for the fae folk to welcome Spring , you know.

All night they’ll play and tap their feet,
and become fresh friends with the garden growth they meet.

For each year around this time,
they welcome budding plants and forest animals in kind.

When morning comes and in shines the sun,
it is time for the fairy revel at last to be done.

Drink the dew of the morn for years of health,
but being blessed by a fairy dance in your garden is fair wealth.

The May Day morning may come and go,
but the fae will stay so long as you treat them so:

Appreciate the garden and be thankful for the plants,
don’t forget the rabbits, robins, deer, and ants.

Let them know you are thinking of them,
and they may leave a bit of magic for you– who’s to say when?

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